Halau Pu’uwai O Ke Kuawa

With Benny Beaver
Photo courtesy of Timberhill Dental Association

This statement is based on some basic Hawaiian values.

Based on your input and on my own thoughts, I am setting out a draft of goals and principles for our group to guide us as we move forward. I don’t think there will ever be a final draft of this document. Rather I see it as maturing as we mature in our dance and as members of our halau.

I am basing this statement on some basic Hawaiian principles: Kuleana, Kokua, Laulima.

Kuleana ?Responsibility

Hula Dancers

I am responsible for being prepared for every class. I am responsible for creating dances that will honor Hawaiian culture and will challenge us to further develop our Hula abilities. I am responsible for ensuring our classes are emotionally and physically safe places for everyone to learn. I am responsible for keeping those who are in our Halau but do not attend classes informed about what we are doing as long as they choose to receive our emails.

I am responsible for keeping funds earned from performances and using them only for our Halau business. I am responsible for purchasing CD’s, providing handouts for all dances, keeping our website updated, booking performance opportunities, and respecting the wishes of those who choose to perform and those who choose not to perform.


You are responsible for treating all our Halau members with respect and as you want to be treated yourself. You are responsible for being well-prepared for the performances you choose to participate in and for learning the dances and keeping up with our progress as a group.

You are also responsible for your financial commitment to the class and to the instructor. This includes keeping your personal attendance sheet up-to-date and for paying for each class when you come or, preferably, paying for 10 classes at a time. Remember you only pay for the classes you attend, and our current rate is $5 per class.


Hula Dancers

We are mutually responsible for helping ourselves and each other achieve our personal goals as dancers, whatever those may be ?from only attending classes, to performing as a group, to teaching us new dances, to performing solos. We are mutually responsible for making our Halau a welcoming place for new members who may or may not have previous Hula experience. We are mutually responsible for seeking out opportunities to share our dance with our community and in other venues as opportunities arise. We are mutually responsible for continuing to become comfortable using Hawaiian words and phrases and with kahea (calling during dances).

Kokua ?Cooperation

We cooperate as a group by voicing our opinions about what is working or not working for each and every one of us. We listen to each other’s input and respect all opinions. If we disagree, we voice that disagreement in respectful terms. We help each other with out-of-class practice sessions so we can all be the best in our chosen art form. We reach decisions about performances and costumes as a group, taking all of our needs into account.

Laulima ?Working together

Hula Dancers

We learn to move as a coordinated group in our dance. We watch each other so our movements are coordinated. We benefit from the skills each of us contributes. Above all, we continue to enjoy each other’s company and the social spirit of our Halau. We are truly Hula ‘ohana (family), and we work together to maintain that sense of mutual care and support.

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