About Pu’uwai O Ke Kuawa

(pronounced Poo-oo-vai o kay koo-ah-vah)

Our halau Pu'uwai O Ke Kuawa (Heart of the Valley), in the true spirit of Aloha, welcomes all new dancers—no auditions and no previous dance experience required. Of course we also welcome those with previous Hula experience.

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All classes are held on Monday. Here is more detailed information about our classes:

5:30 p.m. Workshop for beginner Hula dancers. This workshop is required for those who have never danced Hula before. Newer members of the halau typically attend the workshops as well.

Hula Dancers

Hula ‘Akahi 6 to 7 p.m. This class serves as an opportunity for new members to learn and improve their Hula technique while learning dances that are part of our halau’s repertoire. Some ‘akahi class members may be interested in performing. That is always your choice—it is never required. If you do want to perform, you should let Barb know so she can work with you to determine when and if you are ready. We always work to honor Hawaiian culture so our performers must be well prepared and exhibit good Hula form.

Students are expected to remain through the end of the ‘akahi Class to participate in the “cool down? a chance to stretch tired muscles and protect against getting muscle cramps after the class is over.

Our H’okela (higher) Class meets from 7:10 to 8 p.m. This class is focused on preparing for performances. So only those students interested in performing are encouraged to take this more advanced class. Students interested in joining the Ho’okela Class must meet a set of objective standards during a tryout session. Those interested should let Barb know so she can work with you to determine when and if you are ready for that challenge.

Your first class is free, so you can just try it out. After that you it is $5 for each class. You can pay for one class at a time or for a block of classes. And you only pay for the lessons you attend. Each halau member keeps her own attendance sheet and pays on the honor system.

Our halau meets at the First Baptist Church on the corner of Monroe and 9th St. in Corvallis. We are not a church-affiliated group but we have been granted a wonderful space there for dancing.

You must contact Barb Landau at info@corvallishula.com before coming to your first class.


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